Section 1: Content

Here at, we believe that since this is a public forum, everyone should be entitled to their free speech. This however, does not mean that you can say or post anything that you want. Just as you must control what you say and do while in a public place, you must also control what you say and do here on this Internet forum. reserves the right to refuse service to anyone by banning their account.


Rule 1) No Adult Content.

This is a Mitsubishi Galant forum, to which most people join to find related information. Though it is understood that sometimes it may be beneficial to post something with Adult Content, we must refrain. It is not acceptable to post Adult Content, i.e. pornographic or explicit images, videos or other media, drug or sexually descriptive posts or dialog, profane language, drug related images, videos or other media, extreme violence or any other form of content which is not suitable for those under 18 years old.


Rule 2) No Attacks On Other Members

Each member of is expected to make posts in a positive, respectful, and professional manner. This means that if you have a problem with another member, you must try to work it out with them (via PM, Personal Message, or email) and not do so in the public forum. If you have a problem with another member, let an Administrator know, and we will attempt to resolve the issue if it can not be done independently. Any comments in the public forum which are determined to be of a negative nature are not acceptable and will only make you look worse in the eyes of the other members. Always remember that the easiest way to resolve an issue is to simply swallow your pride and let it be. We are here to help each other, not make enemies.


* Indirectly making comments regarding another member shall not exclude the commenter from Rule 2. This includes, but is not limited to, changing the target member's name, omitting the target member's name or any other forms of name diversion.


Rule 3) Promoting Other Sites / Services

If you are promoting a business, selling a product or service or something of this nature via a post you must only do so in the Classifieds section or the Product Reviews section of the forum. We do not encourage you to place advertisements for such services or businesses in your signatures or avatars, however, this will be acceptable to some degree. It will be purely at the discretion of the Administrators to decide if your promotion is acceptable or not. We will not allow tacky or distracting advertisements or solicitation via Email or Personal Message. Advertisements in signatures and avatars should be discrete. As a general rule of thumb, we will not tolerate promotions of businesses or services that are:

- Destructive or derogative to or it's members.

- Illegal or illegitimate

- Not consistent with Rule 1.

- Not of high quality.

-Spamming by listing multiple posts for the same product/service.


Rule 4) Members Must Be Consistent With Mission Statement

Every member of is expected to follow the spirit of the Mission Statement. This means, that whenever you're on or on a group meet, you must act in a manner that is fitting to our Mission Statement. We want to encourage everyone to be helpful to one another as we are all brothers and sisters of this Mitsubishi Galant site and/or club


Rule 5) Content Must Be On-Topic

Each thread is given a title, or subject, to which it is expected that your post somehow pertains to. If your post does not refer to the mentioned subject, or simply does not add value or information to the topic, reserves the right to remove said post without warning to the authoring user.


Section 2: Cruises promotes safe driving, we require all members to adhere to the the rules provided hereon. These rules are imposed in the spirit of safety and respect for other drivers on the road. While we understand that it's nice to have fun, please think of others while on group cruises.


Rule 1) Drive With The Safety Of Others In Mind

When on a group cruise, remember that you're not driving by yourself. Your actions can cause others to become involved in an accident, therefore, you must exhibit more care when on a group cruise then when you drive by yourself in an effort to keep yourself and others out of danger.


Rule 2) No Burn-Outs On Public Roads

There are so many variables beyond the drivers control that can change and cause a crash. Please refrain from performing these while on group cruises as it would be imposing a safety threat to others. We know it's cool, but it's far too much risk for what it's worth.


Section 3: Administrative


Article 1) Deletion Of User Account

Any violation of any rules is reason for permanent deletion of your user account. As a courtesy to the user, a warning Personal Message or Email will be sent to said user informing him/her of the violation and that it has caused their account to be in jeopardy. You are expected to defend yourself against any negative allegations in a reply to the message, failing to do so could result in your account being deleted.


a) Administrators are not required to inform the user of deletion of account if it is deemed by the Administrators that the infraction of said user warrants no such action.


Article 2) Deletion of User Posts

Any violation of any rules is reason for permanent deletion of your post. You will not receive a courtesy notice before the post is deleted. Each time a post is deleted means one of the rules has been violated and therefore, your account is subject to Article 1.


Article 3) Moderators

The Administrators reserve the right to assign Moderators to monitor posts on the forum. Each Moderator will be given the authority to delete posts in accordance with Article 2.


Article 4) Disputes Against Other Members

Any disagreement between members that can not be solved independently must be brought to the attention of the Administrators via Email or Personal Message. Uncivilized fighting between members in the forum constitutes of violation of Section 1, Rule 2.


Article 5) Banned Members

In the event that it is determined that a member does not agree with the Mission Statement, it is possible that their account can be deleted in accordance with the provisions of Article 1. It is also possible that the member can be banned in order to prevent future registrations of accounts once it is determined that they are in violation of this Article. Banning will constitute a blockage from account registration of the primary and/or any IP addresses associated with the banned member.


Article 6) Signatures And Avatars

Each member is entitled to assigning themselves an icon to be displayed for each of their posts (Avatar) and a group of text and/or images which proceeds each of the member's posts (Signature). The avatar may be an animated image format, however, it must not exceed dimensions of 100 x 100 pixels. The Avatar must also conform to Section 1. The Signature may contain a single or multiple images, however, the total width of the images must not exceed 600 pixels and the total height of the images must not exceed 150 pixels. The Signature must also conform to Section 1.