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  1. 4g63lover's Project thread. "Baby G"

    Lookin good jigz
  2. Solviss- 7G Resurrection

    Use a 2G water pipe.
  3. Post pic how your car sits now

    I've been debating on buying a WRX as a beater.
  4. Post pic how your car sits now

    Your car has come quite a way!
  5. new guy 99 gtz

    Welcome to GT! 2 tone doesn't look too bad.
  6. Howdy yall!

    Welcome to Galant Tuners.
  7. 362/1000 92 Galant VR-4

    Is the OEM or aftermarket? Also if you're going through that many maybe not enough tension on the roller?
  8. 362/1000 92 Galant VR-4

    You need a spare car with anything GVR4/DSM
  9. New updates are LIVE

    I have upgraded our site software to the newest version and moved the community a new server. If anyone experiences issues with connectivity, site errors, etc. please notify us. Thanks!
  10. Evo Brembo vs. 3KGT VR4 caliper comparison

    Five lug was best thing I ever did on my 7th gens.
  11. Tapatalk back up

    After many issues with Tapatalk I was finally able to get it working properly with IPB4.
  12. mysticj's 94 Galant GS build

    Interesting, how soon to install?
  13. Solviss- 7G Resurrection

    Starting to look like something now. What's your ETA on getting the new setup in?