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  1. I havent updated the thread in a while. Most small or big upgrades are posted on TGC or DsM tuners, but this one, I guess, is a big one, so I thought I'd share it. Finally done!!! Moar braking powa'! I found out that my curved control arms have bad ball joints after just 3 1/2 years. WTF??!! I need to buy new ones again!
  2. the whole car will be getting a new paint and a new color
  3. Need a new radiator

    You can always cut the hose to length. A brand new hose is much longer than needed to be to work with the stock or 2g housing. The 2g top housing will push the hose more to the left, but thats no biggie. You can always clamp hoses together or even make 90 deg angles w/o a problem. Home depot sells these chrome U-shape or 90 deg bends that are for sink drains, they work well for making bends. Just dont be afraid to experiment. Extra $20 are nothing compared to 200 dollar radiator I have to use Skrap's 7g or some, cuz Im not SOHC anymore, to have the installation pictures of the 2g top housing on a SOHC head
  4. Timing Chain Conversion

    If this is simple solenoid that turns on and off the mivec then its very simple to do with a RPM switch. The Mivec kicks in at 3500, so it woulndt be that hard.
  5. 6g74 4.0L Stroker Information

    2mm oversized 6g75 pistons is probably very hard to find. Making an analogy with the 4g64 or 4g63, the biggest oversize is 1.5mm
  6. Pictures will be back on the 6th. Bandwidth problems It took about 3 hours of work today - put everything together. Im happy with the results. The marks do not match at relaxed position. I wonder why? Final result
  7. Deer/Hit and run accident

    Plus there are not too many GSs around. if you have an access to one or two, Id like to have the engine harness
  8. 4g63lover's Project thread. "Baby G"

    Ahahaha, you still have the box I sent you the parts in. Looking good bro. Did u find the parts you asked me about?
  9. 8th Gen Camber Kit Help

    front ... 359d40ec9a rear ... 3a53fadc5e both ... 19b74019f7
  10. Deer/Hit and run accident

    Yo Scott, get that sawzall charged and bring the charger with you. we gonna try to sneak it in the junk yard and cut a part of the roof off. Theres no point of trying to straighten the roof.
  11. So Im driving around here and there is that really sharp turn where it has to be taken with no more than 25mph cuz theres a cliff on the other side. And im driving and minding my own business and right after the turn there that straight and that car comes down the road and the last thing i saw was how a deer bounces off his front bumper and lands on my windshield. Im ok just a little shocked and have a headache cuz the the rear view mirror hit me on the head. Im all covered in glass and Im really pissed off cuz the guy didnt even stop. Police came, printed out a report and escorted me to my house. Thats my first accident ever, and Ive been driving for 13 years. I dont know what to do now - I only have a liability and IDK if should file a claim or not. Damage took the windshield, hood, roof and side mirror. I dont have another car and I cant go anywhere.
  12. MAFT vs. SAFC

    just sent them to you