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  1. 1979 Galant Sigma Wagon

    So after talking to a friend in Australia, I was able to get the part number I needed for a vacuum advanced distributor. He's actually working on adapting the same type of distributor to DOHC head which should be pretty neat if he gets it figured out. Reason for vacuum advance distributors? We run carburetors lol, he's building sidedraft setup in his 2nd gen galant. Just need to obtain a Montero Sport engine and trans now.
  2. 1979 Galant Sigma Wagon

    andddd yeah 4g63 swap will happen soon lol. Then all 4 of my cars will run a 4g6x of some sort, HOWEVER I am most likely staying 8v SOHC unless I figure out if I can make a Montero Sport 16v SOHC 4g64 work in the car. That would take some research and finding some schematics for the Distributor plug wiring amongst if older engine brackets will bolt onto the block. For the time being or if all else fails with a MS sport engine, I will have the g63b in there already. Sports have a wideblock 7 bolt 4g64 with Evo deck casting, however the head that is on them retains the exhaust on the right and intake on the left unlike the actual 8g+ and Evo 4+ engines. Also, with staying SOHC I will not be going EFI, going to stay carbureted and go with Yamaha R1 Motorcycle carbs.
  3. 1979 Galant Sigma Wagon

    from 20ft away lol.
  4. 1979 Galant Sigma Wagon

    Picked up a 79 Galant Sigma (Colt here of course) from a fellow old school mitsubishi friend of mine. Had been eyeballing it for a year or so as it started growing on me before I left for Iraq last year. Well I finally brought it home last week. $1000 for a running and driving car. It needs new rear wheel cylinders,, front brake pads would help and even brake lines would be a good idea. Runs on a Weber 32/36 carb for now, haven't decided if I want to do something like R1 carbies on it or not, maybe in time because Weber 32/36 are only good as stock replacement carbs. My only plans for this car is to slam it and nice wheels for it after doing the minor maintenance it needs. Totally opposite direction from my normal self, but fuck it lol. I need to find out if S13 control arms fit since they are the same style of arms or see about AE86 corolla stuff. Unlike my earlier wagons or if you look at mazda, datsun, and toyota wagons of 70s-80s, all of them had leaf spring rear suspension...Well with these 3rd gen Galants, it was the beginning of multi-link rears! This has a 4 Link rear, but the lower links aren't links at all and actually are trailing arms with the coil spring perches unlike say a ae86 corolla sedan/hatch have the coil spring perches on the axle themselves and linka top and bottom for their 4 link. So that will be interesting to find a coil spring that has relatively the same size coil diameter and fits for lowering.
  5. 1976 Colt Galant Coupe

    snatched up some S14 knuckles off fleabay, front suspension iis nearing completion in parts check list lol. Just need the brakes to all go with it.
  6. Howdy! I'm new here!!

    Welcome! Sounds like you got a lot of work ahead of you. I mostly work on 70s-early 90s Mitsubishis, but most of the other members can give a hand on the newer stuff.
  7. Mitsubishi Overland Rig

    97 Montero SR acquired, should have everything i need now to do the 6g74 swap, minus a clutch. Kinda not looking foward to the 2 o2 sensor life, but the 235lb of torque is worth it.
  8. Hello hello is this thing on?

    Hanging out, i feel like its just us mods and admins talking on here lol.
  9. 362/1000 92 Galant VR-4

    Mine should be running tomorrow, err today (its 1228pm here), it didn't have headstuds afterall, but now it does! Amongst other shit changed out, NT OFH installed, but we shall see if it leaks because the housing seems to have a shallower surface than the sandwich cooler housing for the bolts., but ASA shows all bolts are the same across, so who knows. One less thing I have to do when I get home, so I'm happy. Of course the front end is going to come apart suspension wise, needs new wheel bearings on both sides.
  10. 1976 Colt Galant Coupe

    Ordered my 4 link, watts link and hybrid FEAL coilovers setup (S13 Front/AE86 rears)
  11. Mitsubishi Overland Rig

    Never did update this. The 89 4dr 5spd is going to ditch the 12v 6g72 with 276k miles in favor of a SOHC 6g74. Should only be a weekend affair, wiring being the hardest part being electrical. Exhaust will get redone at a later time. New clutch of course, then a SR locker rear axle swap as well (has disc brakes too), among a Gen 2 front brake swap too.
  12. 362/1000 92 Galant VR-4

    thats all the car really needs is general TLC. I just run bolt ons afterall and its only at 190k miles.
  13. 362/1000 92 Galant VR-4

    In so 362 is getting work done on it by my long time friend while I am gone, he is also amongst the few I trust to look after the car while I am gone as it sits in his driveway. Got a new Tial MVR44 wastegate since the 10yr old V44 died just before deployment. Top end gasket and seal kit - valve stem seals need replaced, but of course that means the head has to come off. New OFH gasket and swapping onon-non-cooled housing. New OEM timing belt and tensioner, because since that will all be apart, its the best time to do it. Plus from that time the afternarket tensioner let go with under 5000 miles, and i just swapped a spare tensioner at the time, I needed to replace it with a brand new one to keep track of exact mileage ofthe parts. Timing belt was new but as mentioned of the previous incident, its best just to replace the belt for peace of mind. Wheel bearings, getting coilovers serviced, pads and rotors, trunk latch cable and Speed density swap will all be done when i get home.
  14. Mitsubishi Overland Rig

    Well things have escalated quickly. Looks like I'm going to be doing a SOHC 6G74 Swap. Unlike a 8g galant 6g72 to 74 swap its not a exact bolt in affair. On the Monteros and Sports, the 72 engine brackets are different from the 74 brackets. So some cutting and welding will happen. One way or another the 72 has to come out to reseal the bottom end, and see how many more miles i get out of it, or swap in a different engine. The 74 looks to be the best and most cost effective swap. The engine brackets and oil pan will be the only needed fabrication sections needed, wiring will be mating the engine harness to the body harness.