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  1. Ok I know this has probably been discussed thousands of times but I wanna start a new thread because all the ones I find are extremely outdated. So I have an 8g Galant 4g64 SOHC and I’m planning on boosting it. I have pretty much pieced together all the hardware except the ecu. I just wanna know what I need and if there’s any certain things I have to do. I’m totally new to the turbo game so literally any info you have is highly appreciated. So far I have a 2g DSM manifold, 20g turbo, evo 550cc injectors, walbro 255 fp. I plan on getting the 2g DSM o2 housing also. So what ecu should I use? I’m not looking for crazy power maybe 250-300 I just wanna get comfortable with boosting a car.