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  1. mysticj's 94 Galant GS build

    I have the same thing. Make sure you get a universal flex pipe and have them weld that in instead of that funky balljoint thing.. Its leaks..
  2. Calling her the EgoKiller

    This thing is going to strike fear in Ricer's everywhere.. LOL Looks great BJ!!
  3. solid engine mounts

    you could always get solid metal ones made or use window weld on your stock ones..
  4. skraps Rebuild/Turbo build!!!!!!

    Yea thats what my valve cover is now... Do they make a hi-temp flat engine enamel?
  5. skraps Rebuild/Turbo build!!!!!!

    So I decided to do some more work today. Leah and I cleaned up some of my accesory brackets along with the intake manifold. Here are some pics.. Leah scrubbing the intake manifold with a toothbrush: We still have A LOT of work to do on the intake manifold!!!!!! Brackets cleaned and degreased: The brackets Primed: Now I need some opinions. Wich color should I do my engine bay? I am deciding between flat black or gloss black. If anyone has any other suggestions feel free.
  6. skraps Rebuild/Turbo build!!!!!!

    So I finally got the head put back together today and I also cleaned up the Rocker arms, Rocker arm shafts and the valve lashings. It was very tedious work but it was worth it in the end. It pretty much looks brand new! Exhaust side: Intake side: I had to get the lube ready: Intake side assembled: Exhaust side assembled: Intake side on the head: Intake and exhaust on the head: Bottom view of the valves: Everything done: MKO's car watching me work: MKO working on his ecu: My G looking so sad and patiently waiting to rumble again!: This is what I did today and I think everything is coming along nicely. I am going to give my G to my G/F for her first car to drive. That kind of made my priorities for this car change a little bit. his means that I am going to put it back together and instead of boosting it and making it a power monster I am going to be Working on the looks of the car. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know because I am not really sure what scheme I am going to do.
  7. what kind of heades

    I dont think it would sound better per say... I know that it will be louder and the HP gained will be very minimal if that... IMO not worth it!
  8. skraps Rebuild/Turbo build!!!!!!

    So I decided that I am just going to rebuild the motor to get the car back up and running then I will eventually Turbo the Sohc to get a feel for the tuneing aspect... I Just bought all new valves and they came in on Wens. I had a very tough time putting them in because I couldnt get the C-clamp style spring compressor to work correctly. The Spark plug tubes were getting in the way so that I couldnt get the spring retainers in. SO I went to Sear's and I bought the style that almost looks like a puller. That was also giving me a big hassle becasue it was hitting the outside wall of my head. I had to Cut certain sections of it off in order to clear the Tubes and the wall of the head... I eventually got them all in though. I also Cleaned up my camshaft with some 400 grit wet sanding... Then I assembly Lubed it all up and slide the camshaft into place... Its a little bit of PITA to get the camshaft in but I eventually got it in. I also replaced the camshaft seal and put the cam Gear on... I have a quick question though. I bought a master gasket set for the 4g64 and I was wondering if there is a camshaft seal on the distributer side? If there is idk if its in my kit because I couldnt find it.. Today I am going to clean my lifters and hopfully get them assembled ans on to the head. Then after that next is to clean up my cylender walls and Put the Head back on! I will take more pictures and post them tonight or tomarrow!!!
  9. what kind of heades

    No.. Really no point and you wont pass emitions...
  10. what kind of heades

    Not its not hard... It depends because you will probibly need to get the flex pipe welded to your cat.... I did it myself and then had the flex pipe welded....
  11. ok, I already have the springs and valves out. For the future if you dont have a spring compressor to remove them what you do is take a socket so that it sits on top of the spring, then put an extention on it and hit the extension w/ a hammer. It shocks the spring down and pops the little locks out... MKO figure that one out... but yea It would be greatly appriciated if you could get me some more info!!!! Idk someone on TGC was saying that I can remove those tubes... But that makes me nervous becasue if they dont seat back right then I am screwed....
  12. Alright so I just got my new valves and Mko had a valve spring compressor rigged with a socket to work for the dohc and I am working on my single. Now with the dohc it runs with coil packs but since mine has plugs and wires there are metal tubes comming up and it is getting in the way of the compressor so I cant get the spring retainers in... Does anyone know where I can get a specific one that would work for the sohc?? I went to pepboys along with auto zone and they had the universal one but I tried it out and it wont work either.... I just got off the phone with the mitsu dealer near me... The guy I was talking to said that they wouldnt carry that and he had no clue how I could get ahold of one... Some one please help me....
  13. what kind of heades

    I dont know becasue i HAVE 4-2-1 headers on my 7th G right now and I could never be happier.. I think they are both going to give you around the same performance..( minimal) but I noticed that they give the car a much beastlier tone... I found mine on ebay for 50 bucks..... but that was a steal at the time.
  14. Next level USDM 7g Head lights

    deff lokks really good!
  15. Deer/Hit and run accident

    I think we are just going to cut a little section out not the whole roof of the car..#1 too expensive and #2 wayy too much work