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  1. dohc swap from 94 gs

    Most of you know me on the other forums as 97dsmturbogalant, but thought id'e change it since the 97 is long gone. I own a 1994 galant s. Iv'e done allot to this car so far but the work is not done yet. Current mods include, Evo 8 wing, 14b turbo, Converted the car to power everything, 3" turbo back exaust with a rossi metal spun cat, Glow intrument cluster guages, Dual illuminite mids all around, ect. I could go on about the mods and parts but wanted to get on with the dohc swap. I stripped a 1994 galant gs from the j/y for $80. Got everything from the rear disks, Rear sway bar, The WHOLE harness from the car, The head with the intake manofold, sensors, relays, etc., Fog lights, intrument cluster, and so on. Planning on swapping in the head in a couple of weeks and the harnesses. Still have to get a head gasket, Timing belt, And misc. odds and ends. Allready swapped in the rear disks and rear sway bar. Planning on only running about 300 hp out of this setup. Turbo hasnt been plummed to the intake yet but do have all the parts to finish it, car just has 250,000 on it and It tappes at the top end allready and want to do a hone job and stick the new forged pistons in that have been collecting dust for the last year. Pic's will come once I get them uploaded to Photobucket. Maybe by that time the car will be painted flat black (for now).
  2. Deer/Hit and run accident

    Wow bro, sorry to hear your baby is down. Glad your allright though. Heres what you do at the j/y, allready got the whole roof off a 94 gs w sunroof, take a drill and stip all the trim off the roof and interior on the roof, drill out all the pinch welds really good untill you can see the seam around the holes you drilled, then you might have to cut the sealer out of the way where the roof meets the pillars and cut the back window out and the front windshield, then you should see the roof start to separate from the pillars, you should be able to take it out as a whole. When you put the roof on your car you need to make sure to cover up all your interior or the flashes from the welder will burn your interior up or you can take out the interior thats what im doing. then to install the roof form the j/y, just line up the roof and weld the holes you drilled back together, you might need to put a little of pressure on the new roof to make sure the seams meat securely. to seal it after youve welded it, just go to the local autobody supply shop and ask for the sealer that seals the seams in vehicles and apply and paint. Hope all goes well, Ide hate to see you unsatisfyed of the results. good luck.
  3. GS oil drain ports

    As some of you may know, I stripped a 94 gs to the shell form the jy for 80 bones. But didnt grab the block. Is there any difference in the sohc block and the gs dohc block? If so, I can just grab the gs block right? let me know, thanks.
  4. Suspension upgrades, Sagging, HELP!!

    I want to be able to get crazy in the "s" turns of my local canyons, and be able to rip around an innocent corner just to see what limit I can take it to. I am planning on making around 300 hp with the gs dohc swap and some tuning. I want a Nice tight, stout ride that will take the extra load and abuse I give it. I was looking at the spring rates of some of the springs in MKO's non power bolt on thread and I'm thinking of the megan racing springs and kyb gr2's. But might get the Agx's. Looking at the rear lower tie bar and the front lower tie bar and the strut bar. Do they make a strut bhar for the back? Looking at the pillowball mounts and the prothane kit. As for Sway bars, I'm looking at the 18mm rear and the 22 mm front.
  5. Suspension upgrades, Sagging, HELP!!

    My suspension is shot, It sagges when theres a adult in the back, rubbing the back tires, it feels loose and feels like theres a track bar broke in the back. But I have a delema thats keeping me from choosing the right setup, My wife drives the hell out of the G, and she's a "got more to love woman". I don't want to buy 2500 dollars worth of suspension parts and have them start sagging withing 6-12 months from the added load. Ive read MKO"s thread on Non power adding Bolt on parts, And looked at the spring rates and damening rates, but would like to get other oppinions. I allready have the 94 gs sway bar on and the gs rear disk conversion, Just have to get the proportioning valve installed to optimize the brake ballance. I know I need the prothane bushing kit for sure. I am running 215/50/r17's on the car witch are a bit tall I know but they were cheap for 60 bucks and they fill more of the gap. I'm looking to get this car to track whore stats, so I don't mind a rough ride, but tight. Any helpfull sugestions would be great, and pics to.
  6. Suspension upgrades, Sagging, HELP!!

    I dont mind the rough ride, makes it feel more sportier. Just dont want the Extra weight to play an issue down the road. What springs you running skrap?
  7. Suspension upgrades, Sagging, HELP!!

    What are our stock spring rates? Anybody Know?
  8. dohc swap from 94 gs

    Thanks for the compliment, dont know why the wing looks crooked, it doesnt when you look at it in person, I measured it like 6 times before I drilled the holes. Go figures, shitty camera, lol. Havn't had it on the track yet, It's not tecnically turbo'd yet, it's just blowing allot of air right now. But it still is allot of fun!
  9. dohc swap from 94 gs