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  1. Evo Brembo vs. 3KGT VR4 caliper comparison

    Its going to be a lot cheaper and easier to get spacers than to buy new rotors. I would do an option with a spacer. If the calipers and rotors work with the caliper mounted to the front side of the knuckle then why not just get a wheel spacer? I may have misread that part though.
  2. So I'm getting a CNC machine

    Awesome!! I wouldn't think that the spacers would be too hard to draw up but it would be a lot easier with a file already in hand. Can't wait to see what you do with it.
  3. Solviss- 7G Resurrection

    Kevin I got this one on Ebay. I offered them $55 and they accepted. I couldn't find one cheaper when I was looking. http://www.ebay.com/itm/MITSUBISHI-ECLIPSE-TALON-Evo-8-9-4G63-ENGINE-VALVE-SPRING-COMPRESSOR-TOOL-/321672647192?hash=item4ae52f1218&item=321672647192&vxp=mtr
  4. Evo Brembo vs. 3KGT VR4 caliper comparison

    The kit they sell are to make the 1st gen caliper fit the 13.5 rotor. I still have to research and see what size the 2g calipers are but I think if I can fit them with the evo Brackets then I can find larger rotors to make them work. If I use the brackets from RTM then I would need to find an even larger rotor than 13.5. It mostly depends on the original size difference between 1st gen and 2nd.
  5. Evo Brembo vs. 3KGT VR4 caliper comparison

    I got my 2g vr4 calipers today and there is a difference in the length of the mounting points. I think if I get the normal eclipse to Evo brackets I can run 13.5" Cobra rotors. This is just a guess and I need to do more research into it.
  6. Evo Brembo vs. 3KGT VR4 caliper comparison

    Well hopefully tomorrow or Saturday I can post up some info.
  7. Evo Brembo vs. 3KGT VR4 caliper comparison

    Thanks for the reply guys but I think we may be talking about different calipers. I am wondering about 2g vr4 calipers and 1g vr4 calipers.
  8. Evo Brembo vs. 3KGT VR4 caliper comparison

    Bringing back an old thread but does anyone know the actually difference in the 1g calipers and the 2g calipers? I should be getting some 2gs in the mail shortly and Ill try to do a comparison of the two. As long as its just the length of the mounting brackets could we just find a bigger rotor to use? If not then I may be trying to design a bracket for the 2g calipers. I got a set of 1gs for the front if all else fails but I got a good deal on a set of front and rears for a 2g already powder coated cheaper than I could find the rears anywhere online. So I now have the fronts for 1&2g and rears for 2g. It will probably be a while before I get to install them though. This may be a stupid question but what brake lines do I use?
  9. Post pic how your car sits now

    Left side, exhaust sause.
  10. Post pic how your car sits now

    Kevin the oil is all over the front of the block. I thought I had fixed it when I changed the valve cover gadket but when I changed my oil I noticed a lot of oil on the oil pan. I don't know what's going on with the ground. My positive terminal is getting hot and causing the battery post and the wire terminal to turn black. Every now and then it causes the car not to start but when I clean the positive it starts.
  11. Post pic how your car sits now

    Not anything bad yet but I have an oil leak and a bad ground. I can't find where the oil is coming from and I've fixed the grounds but it didn't seem to help so I guess I didn't fix them.lol if I had the money I would get another dd but I can barely afford the one I have.
  12. Post pic how your car sits now

    I'm really tired of this car for some reason lately. Could be because of all the other crap that life has thrown at me but I don't think I could ever actually trade it off but if I got an offer right now I really would consider it.
  13. Piston/Rod combo

    Thanks mysticj.