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  1. The Night Fury Project (Formally Project Grim)

    I can't wait to see it all together again! My favorite 7g =)
  2. Good Question! They obviously can't stick with the same "shark nose" Cannot argue with you there... I know what you're saying... I was referring more to the transition from the prototype to the production model. They made it look soo nice with original looking led fogs, led trim, projector headlights, and blinkers inside the grille. Production model just seems soo bland outdated already.
  3. Let's just hope the "production model" Is the base model
  4. Prototype outlander: Production outlander: What do you guys think!? Did Mitsubishi screw up the 2016 production model outlander? Or do you think the Prototype design is reserved for the PHEV outlander!?
  5. Hi all..

    Welcome to GT. What are you doing that your ecm and the engine needs work?
  6. Mitsubishi Concept update!

    This actually looks promising! Digging the front end styling; too bad only FWD.
  7. While that is true, dodge still put their own engines in. For example the 4 door sebring had a 2.7L v6 developed by dodge and the 2 door version (same years) had engines both v6 and 4cyl built by mitsubishi. Earlier versions of the sebring had the 2.5L v6 that were built by mitsubishi. Pretty hairy huh? Mitsubishi's mistake using the 3.7L dodge engine in their first new gen US bound truck. Hard to bash the company when ultimately its the US that sucks.
  8. Greetings from across the globe!

    Welcome to GT! Wow you are far away =) In the states our Lancer does not have the trim on the middle of the doors. I kind of like it! Love the 6th gen you have as well!
  9. Last time a Triton sold here it was with a dodge dakota engine. Wtf is wrong with them!? lol. Lets hope they introduce them over here. The L200 is diesel in the UK and would never make it to the US without the bs emissions. Who knows what the Triton would be under the hood if it does get a chance over here.
  10. Mitsubishi Mirage sedan confirmed for US

    It sure is nice to see mitsubishi on an upward curve of better sales. I am actually excited for the outlander phev to arrive here scoring the 140+mpg it achieves already and hopefully bring more sales to the rest of its lineup. Another thought, I would love to see the XR-phev evolution come to life! Could you imagine a high mpg high power awd "fun car"? This would be game changing and I would think everyone would buy if they could afford to. For sure the rally bred car in the lead is the sti, but I don't think subaru has ventured to the ev side yet. It'll be interesting to say the least to watch it all unfold when mitsubishi releases the new ev lineup.
  11. Back to the GT community

    Welcome back! Unfortunately my expertise on the auto trans is just as high as my excitement for the auto trans lol, Is the reason you need to fix the auto trans is to drive it home or you just can't do the swap right away?
  12. Yuuuup!

    Ohh nice, not sure how much the carpet/sound deadening weighs but maybe I can get rid of those... I know how heavy the trunk is on the G. I picked up a CF trunk at MOD last week and was very surprised how light it is! Weighs next to nothing compared to the oem part, i'd say around 50-60lbs difference. NOW I understand the CF craze haha.
  13. Yuuuup!

    6g74 *cough* Haha I get your point. Damn, that's a lot of "necessary" stuff I use. I'd like to keep the air since I run it for keep my water temps low.
  14. Yuuuup!

    Question for Marc about weight reduction =) What are some of the things you took out or changed to accomplish your weight reduction of less than 3000lbs? (I believe you are at 2800 now?) I ask because I am looking to do some weight reduction on Rotor Glow but am not sure on the most beneficial changes. I plan to do some painted CF parts in the future after experiencing how light the parts actually are compared to their oem counterparts.
  15. Did these pulley's on my Lancer already... My belt was squealing and I JUST put it on. So I'm watching the belt and it keeps jumping when I hear the squeak; found low spots on the pulley and just changed all 3 (I would have done hyundai pulleys but in the light of selling it and the originals lasting 130k miles, what's the point). Funny I was reading another article about the recall and someone says "Wow, the surprise is that Mitsubishi sold this many vehicles". I Lol'd but at the same time, what a d-bag!