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  1. Mrg7243's slow build

    Subframe by slammedsedan, on Flickr
  2. Random Picture Thread

    Or AWD
  3. Random Picture Thread

    Sometimes I do like them sometimes I dont. But they should have been RWD
  4. WTB Engine Harness

    Basically it goes from the ecu to the engine then there is on part that is the relay box connected to the fusbox, but it unclips from it.
  5. a little mold?

    take your carpet out and then get a hose and dowse the entire car and look where it gets in from.
  6. WTB Engine Harness

    Also I would also buy an EVO 8 engine harness non acd. These harnesses have to be unclipped. 100% every bit of wire there.
  7. WTB Engine Harness

    Okay let me know soon as I am just going to order a evo 8 harness and go through the loops of integrating it to the galant.
  8. WTB Engine Harness

    Looking for a ECU wiring harness for a 2000-2001 or whenever the the fusebox style change was. HAS to be 2.4l and manual. PS I pay in either monopoly or USD whatever has a higher value at time of sale
  9. a little mold?

    Vinegar kills mold
  10. 2.5 vr4 from galant lagnum

    The ignorance of that last post made me facepalm. Stuff like that is one of the many reasons others do not like americans.
  11. 1975 Colt Galant Wagon

    Those hur dur moments always make me shake my head at myself.
  12. 2.5 vr4 from galant lagnum

    You should probably focus on getting the car fixed and running right.
  13. rotors?

    Rockauto has the same stuff as R1 but cheaper. The centric pads and drilled and slotted rotors.
  14. rotors?
  15. just joined