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  1. 1979 Galant Sigma Wagon

  2. Dyno Leaders

    good job Matt!
  3. mysticj's 94 Galant GS build

    Well, the ECU turns out to be bad as the ignition coil of cylinder 1/4 is being constantly grounded. Luckily I found another 3G ECU and reflash it, Smooth startup. Still read up on how to tune as most of this ECUflash stuff gears up towards Evos.
  4. as long as they offer a turbo...I'm good.
  5. mysticj's 94 Galant GS build

    So...I got a reflash cable and AEM UEGO last month and the last few days I was having issues with the cable until I finally found the correct drivers for it. Read the ECU, save a copy of the ROM, delete the immobilizer and a few other things along the way. Voila! She starts. I need to finish connecting the fans and install the wideband.
  6. mysticj's 94 Galant GS build

    I also order a tactrix 1.3R cable.
  7. mysticj's 94 Galant GS build

    Well hook up Evoscan and found my idle switch is on, constant. So I disconnect the idle switch, still show being on. I decide to unpin the terminal for idle on the ECU side and still show idle is currently on. Pretty much waiting to flash ECU since the current one may have an internal issue.
  8. mysticj's 94 Galant GS build

    Got the header on and had a mid section pipe made for it. I need to upload the pictures and probably get a sound clip of it. Also redone my ignition harness. Found the source of why my idle control intermittently acts up and replace the engine coolant temp sensor. Still have the misfire between 3kto 4k. Probably an injector not spraying right or TPS.
  9. Hello hello is this thing on?

    My problem with social media sites is where info gets exchange. You can't really "search" on social media for information but the forums you can, and it gets edited and sticky then available for easy access you read and study to.
  10. 6B31 [Reloaded]

    There was a prototype supercharger system on a demo car for an auto show a few years back. It was a Rotrex type charger. Either turbo or super, it will have to be custom as no off the shelf kits are made.
  11. mysticj's 94 Galant GS build

    Going to post some updates soon. Need to upload these photos.
  12. mysticj's 94 Galant GS build

    still haven't found a decent airbag unit
  13. mysticj's 94 Galant GS build

    Pick up a VRX steering wheel, just needs the airbag unit. Also pick up a 03 ECM and made a conversion harness.
  14. Increasing Redline

    stock is 7500 but you can go up to 8000 with upgrade valve springs. 8500 is usually for drag racing and top speed & it will cause headache in traffic/around town driving. a twin scroll actually spools faster so peak torque will be around 3000-4200 depending on size.