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  1. WTB Patriot Red front bumper: 8g

    I currently have everything but the fenders and hood are primer black. the bumper has seen some tough times heh
  2. Color needed: Patriot Red Front bumper first and foremost but if R & L front fenders are in good shape will consider them. If you know someone parting it out or catch something on CL/Ebay etc let me know..
  3. MOD 2012 East w/ rally points

    I maybe mistaken but it's only two major route in/through lil ass delWHERE? rt 95 or 13.. I'm coming up 95 to the H.D lot.
  4. MOD 2012 East w/ rally points

    guess you dont live that far if Rach can make the drive huh lol..
  5. MOD 2012 East w/ rally points

    I'll be leaving my house around 5 maybe 6 and make up time on 95 @98mgalant just how far are you??
  6. MOD 2012 East w/ rally points

    it is on 95 N the last exit before crossing out of DE, you cant miss it.
  7. Rally points: MD/DE/VA Mikes Famous Harley/Primo Hoagies 2160 New Castle Avenue New Castle, DE (3g guys) IHOP Restaurant 3 Snyder Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19148-2722 (215) 339-5095 0800 again
  8. 230 Pension Road, Englishtown, NJ 07726-8462 Event: Street Wars #1 EVO vs WRX/STI Shootout Date: Saturday September 22, 2012 <------ here ya go D lol Entry Prices: $40 to Race -- $20 - Spectator Gates Open: 8:00 AM Eliminations: 2:00 PM * High Tech Import VS. U.S. Muscle (Open to the first 400 racers only) *Racers are only permitted to purchase 1 tech per car/racer. No Crossovers. Bracket Classes: SS - Street Stock
  9. 4 hours isnt far, especially if you will enjoy the hell out of yourself when you get there. Reggie you make that drive more times enough Id ont want to hear nothing from you!
  10. Sounds like Greg should setup an Open house "once" the dust settles from the move.. right???
  11. lol that would be him, tho he's taken a more shakesperian name now 2bwhoib, no.. its 2borNot..damnit no its 2bwhoIam yea that's it!
  12. I have personally known this guy for YEARS, well over a decade. Our paths crossed on another forum he invited me out to his shop needless to say his setup was a pleasant surprise!!! From swapping the 4g63 into anything he can get his hands on to having spare parts on constant supply. If you need help he is one damn good resource to have, keep in mind services are not free nor is he priced ( or overpriced) just be aware he runs a business.. Greg UCS Performance - The best EVO shop in the area - Full service installs, custom fabrication, tuning, engine builds, you name it! We are also the ONLY Mitsubishi specific shop in the area! 301.595.1795 M-F 9AM-5PM 10800 Hanna St Unit U Beltsville, MD 20705
  13. Supercharger on the 9G

    Alittle whine from a sc isnt so bad, just as long as the power increase is worth it. Personally I can no longer sneak anywhere with my car or truck for that matter..
  14. Supercharger on the 9G

    One of the intriguing builds I've seen in quite awhile, good job!!