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  1. 2000 Montero Sport XLS AWD

    Yeah it was 4wd 98 LS Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. 2000 Montero Sport XLS AWD

    No shit? We junked that truck 2 years ago after the tbelt broke. I asked for it but my uncle couldn't wait for me to come get it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Dyno Leaders

    This particular dyno reads about 13% lower than it should. 400whp 347wtq @23.5 psi
  4. Time slips? How fast are you?

    Built 10.7:1 4g64, stock sonata head, HKS 280, PTE5858, RC1000 injectors, 93 Pump gas, 24.5" slick, Quaiffe LSD, 400whp. 12.203 @ 117.93mph Quick video of this pass. This was the last clean pass I got. You'll notice me shake my head in the video because of how bad I had to baby the trans to get down the track. The next passes after this one were bunk. https://youtu.be/A2trtau-NX4 Dare I say, quickest FRONT WHEEL DRIVE 8G in the USA to date?
  5. 2000 Montero Sport XLS AWD

    This is the best looking Montero Sport Ive ever seen! Ive always wanted one. My family had a 98 LS with the tire carrier that swung out in the back.
  6. 4g63lover's Project thread. "Baby G"

    Thanks Reggie!
  7. 4g63lover's Project thread. "Baby G"

    Couple more from today. After a wash and wax. Prolly last time driving it until we get the new trans in.
  8. 4g63lover's Project thread. "Baby G"

    Had to reformat my SD card in the DSLR and found a couple good snaps I havent edited so here they are!
  9. 4g63lover's Project thread. "Baby G"

    Well, we set out to make an 11 second pass which would have made Babyg the fastest and quickest FWD 8G Galant in the nation (as far as I know) but unfortunately the trans was not happy and we lost the 1-2 synchro last weekend. I told myself I wasn't gonna waste anymore time with the 3G trans so I'm done with it. It still drives but 2nd gear doesn't go in at all unless you push the clutch in and let the rpm drop all the way down to idle (or you can go into third and back down to second). She's going to be put away for a couple years, but be ready for an upcoming rebuild. As for now, here's a full length video of Babyg 2016. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/NEJQSIakXRw
  10. Attempted break in of Stitch

    Fuck that. I would end up waiting for them to come back and bash their brains in with a bat.
  11. 4g63lover's Project thread. "Baby G"

    Wiseco 9.5:1 and Manley H-beam. That would definitely make me want to move as well man! Fuck that.
  12. Baby G and my daily driver "Eve"

    Thanks bro. Yeah she's been in the family so long.
  13. 4g63lover's Project thread. "Baby G"

    Thanks! It's a 10.7:1 built bottom end Kevin. Stock sonata head besides the springs and cams. Yeah im still in a townhome and I'm finally outgrowing the garage with both cars. And I know I'm gonna look back at this and go "wtf was I thinking???" But I want a kid really bad lol. I know im gonna have to save a bit of money to make sure we are ready for any emergencies once we actually have a child so I know I'll have to take a break from the car for atleast a year. Mainly why I bought the Evo honestly. The galant is pretty expensive to keep up with now so the Evo lets me have a "fun" car without spending racecar maintenance.
  14. 4g63lover's Project thread. "Baby G"

    Was back on the dyno today for my last retune of the season. 400whp and 370ish lb ft was our final numbers. About all the motor could safely make on pump gas. Didn't want to scatter the motor all over the ground so, I decided I'm happy with that. Set up the boost by gear as well. 12psi in 1st, 16ish in 2nd, and 21 in 3rd and up. Raised the rev limit to 7k as well. Numbers were made on a mustang dyno. We were spinning the rollers at 23psi. Lol. Got the rest of this season to enjoy it and try to get a lower ET. Going to step back and put her on the back burner for next year to save some money and take care of family. Going to collect some parts for the FWD Evo trans setup in the meantime (3G trans ain't got long). Will take some photos of the dyno sheet when I get back from the holiday and hopefully more video from the track by end of the month. It's been a good year. It will be bittersweet to put her away for a whole year, but life's priorities sometimes won't match your own.