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  1. Yuuuup!

    i was looking at it being 2.4 and his bottom end is a 64
  2. Yuuuup!

    isn't Stewi the highest right now?
  3. Post pic how your car sits now

    changing the white balance and using a higher iso would help, and dont stand in front of the light source lol
  4. The Night Fury Project (Formally Project Grim)

    that's clean man, please provide more details for the fronts shadows hiding everything.
  5. MIVEC Control on Stock PCM/ECU

    this is awesome, i got a V6 i was looking to do a swap and thinking of doing the non-mivec with the 5sp. Will be a lot nicer since I can atlest be in the higher 200 with supporting mods. which is all i need :-)
  6. MIVEC Control on Stock PCM/ECU

    so there is no need to do crazy rewiring to make the mivec work?
  7. are TIMKEN brand good?

    it is the whole hub, as far as i know mitsu hub are not rebuildable.
  8. are TIMKEN brand good?

    thanks everyone going to buy the Timken, love saving money :-)
  9. are TIMKEN brand good?

    I have to get a hub assembly for my outlander on the rear. I was looking at oem price and its at 230 from Don herring while timken on rockauto is is 150. I dont mind paying for OEM but if i can save mula i would like that. Let me know if you have any experience with them.
  10. so you need the vin number? you checked the engine?
  11. Help: V6 Distributor Wiring

    sometimes its the simplest things right.
  12. Keith6110 1999 Reincarnated Galant

    i always thought that when they balance the block it would already have the pistons and everything in already.
  13. Post pic how your car sits now

    compared to painting the whole car of paining a wheel the price is not that bad, i think the sprayer is key if doing the whole car, cause using the can version you really don't get that much control.