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  1. It was at the point where fluid had to be added every week or so. Pretty bad actually. But since it's been fixed there haven't been any issues, aside from the typical 2/3 flare on occasion. I have an external trans fluid cooler I had planned on installing if I were planning to stick with the auto, but I'm not 100% at this point. If the trans/torque converter is going out, is the 3.5 auto an upgrade? Or should I hope this guy on Craigslist has the whole 5spd swap?
  2. Hey guys, my Galant's giving me issues today. I just started delivering pizza in it again a few days ago, and this morning when I left the house to go to church it was acting funny. It's over-revving between gears like the fluid's low, but it isn't. When it shifts between gears it will rev freely, until I let off of the gas and it decides to shift into the next gear. BUT HALF THE TIME when I pull off from a stop it shifts fine, although quite short. 1500RPM-ish when 2500RPM is more common. But either way, when I drive and give it heavy throttle it bogs down like it isn't getting fuel. Idling fine. It was running fine yesterday, I drove 180 miles and everything was great. Getting about 19mpg driving a little aggressively, but everything was smooth and happy. Now today it's doing this. Car has 196k and has recently had a major trans cooler leak fixed, but has fresh and clean Diamond 3 ATF in it. It is throwing codes for O2 sensors, misfires, and the TPS, but I'm not confident that the TPS would cause it to rev like that between gears. Am I looking at a Torque Converter, or is it tranny time? I've done some googling, and not come up with anything solid.
  3. new member from tennessee

    Wow, sorry I haven't replied! I haven't been on here in a while. I have a very large parts yard nearby, and if there's anything OEM you need, I can help you with that!

    Specifically, what year? I'm not sure if there is any variation in 7th gen styling. I have a very large junk yard within a reasonable distance of my house, and I can most likely find you everything you're looking for. Send me a private message, and I'll see what I can do for you. Shipping will be very expensive, but of course, you know this.
  5. new member from tennessee

    Those jdm headlights look great! What part of TN are you from? I'm in NW SC and if needed I can help you get parts.
  6. 8g V6 exhaust

    Boostzealot, that 3.9L set up is really sick. and sounds exactly like I want my car to. I just don't have the engine. Lol. Foxbrand, will you post up a vid? Your setup is kind of what I was thinking.
  7. 8g V6 exhaust

    I'm wanting to get a custom set up made, and wasn't sure what everyone else was running.I want a nice smooth sound, throaty when I step on it but reserved when it needs to be. I was thinking 2.5in pipes and a high flow cat, but I'm undecided on a muffler. I really don't want a can, I'd prefer to have a set up similar to stock. Although for the right sound I'd probably do anything. does anyone have any suggestions, or maybe some sound bites of their exhaust?
  8. F4A42 Transaxle swap

    Ah, okay, that explains it.
  9. F4A42 Transaxle swap

    The 8th gens could have 6A13s? Mine has a 6G72... Am I missing something here?
  10. Post pic how your car sits now

    Could you please post a link to where you got them? That's the look I want... And the rims... I'm pretty much copying you. I'm sorry. XD
  11. Evo Brembo vs. 3KGT VR4 caliper comparison

    That was a seller who knew nothing about the parts being sold. My least favorite kind of seller! NOT! Those looked like first gen calipers. Honestly, you can get them for cheaper than that, but if those were in great condition, it wouldn't have been a terrible deal. Like I said, I paid almost nothing for mine in a part out a few months back.
  12. 1976 Colt Galant Coupe

    Bill Hincher, no way! That dude is awesome! I've seen a lot of his work, and it's all amazing!
  13. Evo Brembo vs. 3KGT VR4 caliper comparison

    I've been trolling around on 3si for over three years now. All that time spent reading threads about mods I'll never be able to afford left me with a very large cache of worthless 3000GT/Stealth knowledge.
  14. Try ebay. I'm assuming your car has tan interior? What do you want to replace the wood with?
  15. Evo Brembo vs. 3KGT VR4 caliper comparison

    Hey guys. As a 3000GT owner, I figured I'd stick my head in and say a few things. First off, the VR4 brakes didn't ALL have "Mitsubishi" on them, just certain years. I can't recall, but I believe it ended in 1994. I know that's not much of a big deal, but I figured I'd point it out. Also, the first gen VR4 brakes (91-93) are different than 2nd gen (94-99). 2nd gen brakes are larger, both front and rear. I'm not sure about the mounting points, but I do believe that you have to swap knuckles when going from first and second gen brakes. 4-G-rim, what year did those brakes come off of? That's going to be fairly important. Also, the 3000GT SL and Base models had the same brakes, and they are slightly larger than stock 8g brakes. But I mean millimeters. You'd be better off getting VR4 brakes. And, if you're not opposed to getting used parts, check out and for part out threads... I got a pair of first gen VR4 front calipers with the raised lettering for an AMAZING price a few months back. Part outs aren't going as quickly as hoped over there, so you might be able to get a great deal on some parts.