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  1. o2 sensor prob

    the codes are for both sensors. i didnt exactly throw it around, set it aside and used new gaskets and put it back in
  2. o2 sensor prob

    i know this isnt a honda thing but i need to bounce an idea quick. i changes the oil pan on my friends 2000 accord v6 and to do so you remove the twin down pipes which has the upstream o2 sensor and connects right in front of the cat. i unplugged the sensor and finished the job double checking all my connections. but when it was started it has the the codes p0131 low voltage and p0132 high voltage even tho there was no codes before and i didnt touch the sensor except the un plug it. any thoughts
  3. knuckle info

    yea lol kinda figured it was from a v6 galant. thnx for the try tho
  4. hard start idle

    ive never driven a car that does this tho. not even close. but when its been warmed its fine. my issue is the jerk on the timming belt and motor mounts
  5. wasnt sure where to place this post. since i bought my 2002 galant when cold.. especially winter time.. when the car is started it jumps up to say 2000 rps also rather roughly and does so until warm. any thoughts on my prob, ive read it could be the iac but dont really want to blow money on stuff that works.. thnx
  6. knuckle info

    ive got a 2002 galant that had been wrecked before i bought it. when it repaired a larger rotor and caliper cobo was installed presumably from another year or model, in addition the correct parts dont fit seeing as how the whole knuckle/spindle was replaced. i wonder which cars that use this suspension setup could i get parts for ie other makes and models. thnx