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  1. Galant Tuners back online...

    Glad this place is back up again, too much valuable information posted in this community!
  2. BHM Tuning - Sharing our work

    I will have more data to share once that TB is installed, I got lucky and traded out a 6g75 intake manifold for the TB
  3. The 6G7x N/A thread

    All you need to do is rescale the tables. Currently my stock rom is good to 7500RPM as max value rather than 20k as you would see from a stock unmodified file. The big maps patch allows higher resolution for tuning (ie, you have much finer control and smoother transition from one cell value to the next). I ran the big maps all year last year, rescaled load values by increments of 5. Of course you will rarely see above 100% load on N/a, but you have far more range and "clarity" with the tune file. The rear O2 patch modifies the actual rom file information to read the AEM signal output...Evo forums have how-to's that explain in detail more.
  4. The 6G7x N/A thread

    I wouldn't discredit the capability of the factory PCM/ECU, they are more than capable of controlling everything...it is all the tuning work that matters regardless of stock computer or aftermarket standalone system. You can use an AEM in place of the factory sensors and have the PCM/ECU read that, all that is required is a patch file made to do so, same as what they do for the Evo platform (rear O2 patch).
  5. BHM Tuning - Sharing our work

    It still pulls to 7k, no dropoff. The Q45tb will open up intake system far more and feed this thing quite effectively.
  6. BHM Tuning - Sharing our work

    Yes...I went that far with timing
  7. BHM Tuning - Sharing our work

    Still using the Sedona manifold and 72 TB, that will be changed out for the Q45 TB soon as the next "step" in the process Nope, same distributor, only reason to swap that reluctor is dependent on which ROM file used.
  8. BHM Tuning - Sharing our work

    Oem 6g75 cams...should have been put in the start of summer but other things took priority
  9. BHM Tuning - Sharing our work

    I need to get some screenshots of the data so far. I got crazy over the last couple days and played with ignition timing more. 90% Load 6000RPM 41 degrees Timing Advanced 0 Counts of Knock
  10. The 6G7x N/A thread

    I have not found any flow testing documentation on the intake manifolds. The thing to remember with them is there are really only two variables that are changed, runner length, and plenum volume. The port diameter for the most part stays pretty consistent through the runners of the upper manifold down to lower manifold. Air velocity is a constant after the plenum chamber of the upper manifold designs, but I will have more data to add to this topic once I make another component change on the intake system of the Eclipse yet before the end of the year. Based on an N/A setup the larger plenum volume will help sustain power output up to redline, think of the plenum as a "reserve chamber" for air into the engine. At higher RPM the engine places a larger demand on air flow to keep building power, this will also help with torque in the mid range as well. The quicker the plenum chamber can be "refilled" with incoming air, the more efficient the engine becomes for making power...ponder that thought and where the restrictive components lie in the intake system that we can change out for improved efficiency.
  11. BHM Tuning - Sharing our work

    Here is a comparison from February 2012 when it was practically stock (with exception of AEM intake), to current state in October 2013 with the current progress of different components. Again, not focused on output numbers but rather the improvements which are clearly visible here
  12. The 6G7x N/A thread

    Data logs would be more useful to see. Curious how their fuel trims and everything look as well.