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  1. dash wont illuminate

    FINALLY found the problem. When I hooked it up, apparently I blew a fuse for the passanger side parking lights. A blown fuse for any exterior lighting (parking lights, brake lights, low beams, high beams) will turn out the dash illumination. So that's a good place to start troubleshooting if anyone else runs into this problem.
  2. I had a misfire issue last year. It was a gasket that went bad allowing oil to drip down onto a spark plug which gunked it up
  3. That generation prelude was 92-96.
  4. dash wont illuminate

    Well the radio has 3 extra wires... Ground, power antenna, and power antenna. I found wiring diagrams online that said those wires are for illumination but I don't know where to tap them to. I have the Orange wire made up and my stereo is lit. But I guess won't hurt to check my fuses.
  5. dash wont illuminate

    Sorry... Shifter***
  6. I need some help. I was installing an aftermarket radio the other day.. and instead of searching for and buying an adaptor, I just clipped off the connector behind the radio and spliced the wires to the new radio's wires. However there were 2 wires in the console that had nowhere to connect to. It's the black/yellow and the yellow/black. Well the day after I did this, my gauges, shifted, and climate.control won't light up. The gauges still work and so does the brake light, gas light, etc... It's just the illumination that isn't working. So I assume it has to do with the 2 extra wires. Any idea where these should be connected to? Please help. Thanks.
  7. Galant radio wiring diagram

    This is awesome. Just bought a used head unit off a guy and the adaptor doesn't fit but now I can just wingnut all the wires together
  8. Hoods?

    Those are pretty nice. I haven't seen these. Yeah, he has the old round "poser" ones. That stand out and say "look at me! I can quote every line from 'the fast and the furious'!"
  9. Hoods?

    I might also get his vr4 tail lights =D
  10. Hoods?

    They might just be the non functioning stick on hood pins, in which case, I can remove them. If not, I might just paint them black so it doesn't stand out quite as much.
  11. Hoods?

    But it has hood pins, which I don't care for... Anyone now how i'd have to fill the holes when I remove them?
  12. Hoods?

    I hate ALL non functioning vents. I actually found a guy right down the road from me selling his 8g and he has the carbon fiber EVO hood. So I am trading him my stock hood and will be getting it super cheap
  13. Just joined today

    That's cool. I have some family family over there. My mom was born and raised over in saipan.
  14. Just joined today

    Keith is right. This is the first auto enthusiast forum I have seen that is bs-free lol
  15. Just joined today

    Welcome to GT! Post some pics of your G when you get a chance.. we'd all like to see it. And like foxbrand said, just browse around and you will find tons of helpful info.