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  1. Hi, new member from New Zealand.

    Welcome to GT Shane !!!
  2. We have moved!

    Brilliant Reggie, huge difference, thanks !!
  3. Oil/Transmission coolers

    Went from the standard 26mm plastic tank radiator (which split) to a 50mm all Aluminium Radiator, and had to go down the Oil Cooler path, I used a 2010 V8 Landcrusier Alloy Oil Cooler, which I only needed to TIG 1 additional bracket onto and a little bending of the original brackets to make it fit where I wanted... TIG'd up a air dam out of 2.5mm aluminium sheet to direct air from front bumper & through the cooler ..
  4. Hai

    Welcome to GT Alex Glad to have you on board !!!
  5. New to the Galant Secne

    Welcome to GT Andrew...
  6. Hi Chris, welcome to GT
  7. New to the Galant Scene

    Josh, a big welcome to GT !!
  8. Returning I guess

    Welcome home Jasmine !!
  9. Hi everybody im new here

    Welcome to GT Freddy... Pic's of your ride please, we love Galants.....
  10. Need your opinion, friend and I had a dispute lol

    I'd vote for the wagon
  11. Intercooler mounting

    I'll do a bit of a dig through ASA and see if I can cross reference a crash bar from a model you have access to, (we have Mirages here too) The Part # for the crash bar is MR574591, on checking ASA it is only fitted to the the JDM 8G Legnum/Galant range, no other model ! [img width=800 height=622] I have a contact in Japan, if the Mirage crash bar is a no go, who is very good for getting parts and shipping them internationally, all I have to do is search and get the auction # then send him a email with details and my maximum bid, he then sends me a shipping estimate and if i say go about 10 days later it arrives, if you want his details just PM me... And here is a link to a site that translates Yahoo Japan auctions to make it easier to find your bits and pieces, JDM Galant Parts JDM Legnum Parts
  12. Intercooler mounting

    Was only a half grown Roo, about the size if a Great Dane, put it this way, it didn't feel it, but i did sure did. Core Size 600 x 300 x 80mm (24 x 12 x 3 1/8") Wonder whether a JDM crash bar and bumper would be a straight fit onto a USDM 8G !
  13. Intercooler mounting

    No modifications to the bumper at all Kieth ! Though I have since modified the bumper and crash bar courtesy of a Roo @ 100kph + ....ouch > :( >