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  1. The Night Fury Project (Formally Project Grim)

    Update: Toothless is till a garage ornament unfortunately but 2018 I plan to make a good amount of progress to get it running again. I have lining up some stuff for its next phase...just need the time to make it happen.
  2. 4-G-rim's 1991 #1948/2000 Galant VR4 build thread "Stitch"

    Freaking Photobucket...I will have to find time to re upload the pics on Flickr and rehost them and update this thread.
  3. 1998 Mitsubishi Montero Gen 2.5 aka Groot

    Finally all the rest of the OEM parts I ordered arrived last week so I can no make some forward progress. Main goal this weekend was the clean up the transmission and install the new seals and clean up all the dirt and grime that have built up for 19+ years on the transmission. Its not as hot as it is in the Southwest..but the heat and humidity really drained me this weekend as I had to clean the trans outside my boys shop. Rest of the OEM stuff finally here.[/img] Amsoil for tcase and diffs Transmission/Tcase Before After cleaning. Somewhere under this nastiness is a transmission mount and bracket frame.[/img][/img] Oh...there it is. If you kept up on this build thread the main issue why I got my Montero so cheap is because of a transmission leak. The seal on the left wasn't even seated in at all and didn't look like the correct seal from factory. On the Right is the correct OEM seal...obviously a difference. Next weekend the transmission should be back on the Montero and I can start doing the front motor service.
  4. 1998 Mitsubishi Montero Gen 2.5 aka Groot

    No real progress the past couple weeks...still waiting on OEM parts on backorder which I expect to arrive this week and also being Fathers day this past weekend, I spent it with family. The little time I had, I did some small little things along with cleaning up the license plate lens. After 19+ years exposed to the elements they lost their clarity, but with some $8 polishing compound and a microfiber towel...they look just as good as new.
  5. 1998 Mitsubishi Montero Gen 2.5 aka Groot

    This past weekend nothing major was done to the Montero as I am still waiting on a lot of Mitsu parts to move forward and plus I had a few things going on with family also. I did remove the center console though to clean 19 years of crud and other junk that has accumulated even though overall the Montero was well taken care of...I don't the previous owner went deep into really cleaning some areas. I wanted to do this because well: 1. This contributes to a musty smell of the interior 2. Its disgusting 3. I like to have a clean vehicle interior. So here is the center console pieces...fairly well taken care of but in the nooks and crannies show definite signs of buildup over the years of ownership of crud accumulation and liquid spills through the years. Either the owner was a non smoker or if he/she was, she never smoked in the Montero. No hint of smell that a smoker was in the vehicle and the astray shows no signs cigerettes were ever in there. More crud Now to remove the super select shifter boot there are 4 small metal locking plates...carefully pry them off and DO NOT damage the plastic posts, which help lock the base plate to secure the base of the boot to the console. For the switches and buttons I used baby wipes to remove the crap around the bezels and then after that wiped them down with Lysol disinfectant wipes and finished them off with a microfiber wipedown. I used toothpicks to get into the small tight parts in the switches/buttons. Before and After I used a mixture of distilled vinegar with water (60/40 mix) and a old toothbrush to clean the center console as I didn't want to use any harsh chemicals and plus vinegar does a amazing job of breaking down all that grime almost instantaneously. For the shifter boot I just wiped it down with baby wipes and disinfectant wipes and it was good as new.
  6. 1998 Mitsubishi Montero Gen 2.5 aka Groot

    Got a good amount accomplished this past weekend on the Montero. As part of the negotiation to get it at a much lower price..there was a ATF leak that developed during the purchasing process which actually delayed the purchase a good 2weeks. I was going to remove the transmission anyways to do the rear main it wasn't a big deal on my part, but used it as a negotiation tool to get the price lower. Most of the remaining maintenance parts arrived from Rockauto. Florida DMV couldn't go forward issuing the title to me because even though the dealer provided them with all the necessary paperwork..since it was out of state they needed it verified in Florida. Got local PD to come out and verify the VIN and fill out the form so I can provide that to the DMV. Took about 4 trys..because of O being inputed at 0 and 5 being inputed as S. :squint: Preparing to remove the transmission. Immediately when the torque converter was pulled off..the culprit was found. The front pump seal wasn't even seated, only thing that prevented it from coming out was the TC. Trans pulled out...going to replace all the input/output seals, clean it up, and replace the Tcase shifter for the White ball one. Ended the day on Saturday...went ahead and removed the mudflaps and side steps. My ADD Kingpin upgrade arrived....along with other goodies! Thank you soo much guys! Look forward to more of your products on the Montero
  7. 1998 Mitsubishi Montero Gen 2.5 aka Groot

    Here are a couple pics the sales man took before it was picked up ...tucked behind the service building safely. Couple undercarriage shots. Saturday 5/14/2017 the auto transport finally picked up my Montero. The Montero arrived on Thursday 5/18 around 5:30pm but I only had time check it in. My dad went to the ER earlier that day and right after the auto transport called me on their ETA on their arrival. I had the truck dropped off at my best friends shop which is about 30 mins away from where I live. This past Saturday I finally got a chance to look over the Montero. Part of me being able to negotiate the price was because of "ticking noise" from the engine and a transmission ATF leak. They didn't want to put more labor time into fixing those issues so that helped me get the price I wanted. -Lifter Tick : Since the Montero sat soo long in the lot when they started it it had lifter tick. When I got it after a few cycles of it running it disappeared. -ATF leak : We are going to pull the transmission this weekend to diagnose, we are needed to pull it anyways because we are doing a rear main seal. In general the interior and exterior are in excellent condition. Paint still has clearcoat and no dings or dents on the exterior. The front has normal chips here and there from most likely rocks from the roads but that's a easy fix. All I need to replace is: -Inside drivers side door panel -Drivers side a/c vent -Center a/c vents -A pillar trim bezel Finally the keys are in hand and even has the OEM (I guess dealer installed from what I read) keyless entry. 1st round of maintenance parts arrived. ALL seals are OEM, tensioner and even new harmonic balancer.
  8. 4-G-rim's 1991 #1948/2000 Galant VR4 build thread "Stitch"

    1948 is now sponsored by BC Racing and I have been working with them for about 2 months on getting the only set of their top of the line ZR series coilovers for the E39a Galant VR4. The highest model they offer to buy is the RM series so getting a set of ZR series made for GVR4 was pretty awsome. Along the way I have developed a great relationship with BC racing and they are definitely awsome people to deal with. It really helped that it got some social media exposure from the Mitsubishi official social media accounts and my feature on Gearbox magazine and several people at BC Racing are fans of the GVR4 and a couple actual fans of my car after seeing it on social media platforms. Here are some pics of the ZR series coilovers when they finally arrived...I can't wait to get these on.
  9. As some of you know I used to own a 2000 Montero Sport XLS 4WD that I recently sold in March. I loved it..but it was a bit small and wasn't going to fit my needs in the near future on what I wanted to do with my family and future business endeavor. I was actually in the search for a Gen 2 or 2.5 prior to purchasing my Montero Sport but couldn't find a decent one and needed a vehicle so I decided on the Montero Sport. I bought it in 2014 for $4k and I sold it for $ I made some money driving it for 3 years. :victory: I decided on a Gen 2.5 because its been refined engineering wise as any model towards the end of its production and for the looks...obviously I wanted a winter package one with minimal to no rust, in good condition and really wanted to find one white. I happened to find one at a Nissan dealer in Washington state with 200k miles 1 owner, no accidents, with a long carfax history of maintenance mostly done by the the Nissan dealer I bought it from. I had a buddy look at it in person and test drive it and other than the common oil leak from the valve gaskets..its a perfect running Montero. Finally finalized the sale this week and the auto transport is scheduled to pick it up Monday this coming week. I was able to negotiate a cash deal...basically "I can wire the money now at this price", so I got it $2k out the door. 1998 Mitsubishi Montero Winter package w/ adjustable suspension I was able to take a few screens shots before the dealer took it down from their website after the sale was finalized.
  10. 4-G-rim's 1991 #1948/2000 Galant VR4 build thread "Stitch"

    Something big to announce in the next couple weeks in which I am pretty excited about...stay tuned.
  11. 2000 Montero Sport XLS AWD

    As of this past Sunday 03/06/2017 my Sport has been sold. I really loved the truck but I needed something bigger as it felt it was getting small for my kids and my future plans really calls for something more bigger and more capable. I was still picky on who the next owners would be...I wasn't going to sell it to just anyone, but wanted the its next owners to really take care of it like I did. Fortunately the new owners saw the value of my asking price and justified knowing it was above the NADA value. It was a older couple in which the husband was buying the Montero Sport for his wife who loved the body style. The drove 2 hours to look at it and I didn't expect them to buy it but after looking at it and a offer I couldn't Montero sport went to its new owners. I felt bad..because my son really liked that truck and he teared up seeing it drive away. My next vehicle to replace my MS will actually be the one I wanted but couldn't find and because of time crunch kinda settled for a Sport which I didn't mind. Hopefully soon I will debut my next vehicle...just working out the details at this time.
  12. mysticj's 94 Galant GS build

    Sounds good. Need to see/hear this car rev through the powerband.
  13. Dyno Leaders

    Oh man. Do you still have the Evo? What the the goodies on the 7g go on this time?
  14. Dyno Leaders

    Wow...long time I haven't see you around man! Is this your 7g or a different one? What Psi was it on?