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  1. This thing is so different bro. I can't find my way around, it feels so good to be back and I have even started the car.

    1. MrGalantguy


      Haha...a few changes were done since you been away. B)

  2. Project ES-T Build Progress

    I've been away for a minute but here's quick little update.
  3. Project ES-T Build Progress

    Man thank you all very much for your comments.
  4. Project ES-T Build Progress

    Yeah the material on the USDM dash cracks, warps, fades and looks horrible. As far as the climate control, yes I am itching to install it. No for an update! I beleive that this has completely changed the game for myself. Carbon Fiber Look! Yea..............................its paint! To Be Continued!
  5. Calling her the EgoKiller

    Looks good BJ, you 8g guys make me want and 8g so bad. Keep up the nice work man.
  6. Project ES-T Build Progress

    So after a long awaited time, I found a Japan built 7g and got the dash and folding mirrors. [img width=800 height=600] Also found a 97 LS and took this! [img width=800 height=600]
  7. Central Florida Galant Tuners Check in

    I guess so bro. Yo we gotta hit CFRC I went there last sunday after the junk yard and the had a drift event. Pretty cool place!
  8. new member from ny

    Welcome to GT man. Glad to see new 7G members.
  9. Central Florida Galant Tuners Check in

    Checking in!
  10. hi

    Hey man welcome to GT. :ugeek:
  11. MKO's Turbo/DOHC/5 Speed/Interior/Exterior Project

    Nice man! :ugeek:
  12. Noob From Vegas

    Welcome to GT man!!
  13. Next level USDM 7g Head lights

    Thanks guys!
  14. Next level USDM 7g Head lights

    Before and after! Mother Polish Not great but that'll do! :ugeek:
  15. Deer/Hit and run accident

    Damn bro that sucks... I glad you aight man :ugeek: