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Help me design a DIY flow bench

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yes, I know these exist already, but, I think we can do it better, most do it you self designs usually involve buying about a grand's worth of equipment (not including the computer), and it is more of an assemble it yourself type deal, there is no going out and finding parts, which, as a buy it from a catalog and assemble it from there deal, I am fine with, but I think it can not only be done cheaper. My goal is so that anybody can build this flow bench that can also be done with buying maybe one part from a future vendor, going out to electronic stores, a junk yard for parts, and maybe American science & surplus, (and have a computer on hand), and finally (without the computer) the total cost being below $300 to the consumer.


I have two designs in mind for this;

A*the corrected motor speed and constant pressure


B*the calculated corrected pressure


both will be built off a catalever shelf (like 's design), still, you could take any table and build this into it




basic parts;

-shop vac (this must be disassembled to get access to the power wires)

-automotive MAF (max flow rate must be known, but can be junk yard sourced)

-MAP sensor, or electronic barometer (preferably able to connect to a computer)

=what needs to be made and function

in order for this to work, what must be done to begin with is so that the MAF (connected to the top of a 1+ foot cubic box offset 3 inches from the middle and the MAP/barometer 5 inches away from the edge of the hole for the MAP, and the shop vac going into the side of the box) will talk to your computer for data collection, have the MAP/barometer go to an external electronics box (the correct name is escaping me), and have that box is connected to the shop vac, the function of this is the MAP/barometer with the electronics box is altering the speed of the vacuum to keep the pressure constant. Major problems here are getting the MAF to talk to your computer, ie, getting a program to read the signals going from the MAF and have it be able to control the wire temperature (in order to operate the sensor), then, there is the motor control, it should be simple enough to write a program to control the motor speed (via voltage), the electronic barometer could be the simplest method than the MAP (which we won't need to be figuring out how get a curve to work with a program)



same parts as A*, but the MAP or electronic barometer are also for data collection, there is no external electronics box

=what needs to be made and function

this design is simpler than with *A, there is no control over the motor speed, rather, at varying valve lifts, both flow rates and pressures are recorded, and the flow rate at a given pressure are calculated via the ideal gas law, which is the downside here, the ideal gas law is for, ideal gases, air is not one, but this would still give us some good idea of what the flow is


would anybody be interesting in helping me out with this?

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