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**DISCLAIMER** You do this at your own risk! Neither Galant Tuners or myself is responsible for you screwing something up or problems that occur. You can find most of these kits on eBay for dirt cheap, but if you insist on name brand then spend more money on the same supplies. Yes I have done this and fits perfect. Supplies Needed: * 3G Eclipse RS/GS (4 Cylinder) Cold Air Intake Kit (Style provided below) * 10mm Wrench * Hacksaw (Cutting wheel if you have one) * Flathead and Phillips Screw Driver * Plumbing Coupler (4" to 3" or 2") to adapt to MAS (any hardware type store) Procedure for cutting shortram pipe: 1. Right where you hook the air supply line on the shortram pipe mark about 1-3" down and place a cut line. 2. Secure the pipe and cut straight down. 3. Finished, now go to installing it. Procedure for installing CAI: 1. Completely remove the stock intake setup (EVERYTHING). 2. Take your battery out and remove the battery tray. 3. Attach the MAS adaptor (4 bolts) to the MAS itself. Make sure that this is tightly secure. 4. Attach the filter to the CAI extension pipe. 5. Take the plumbing coupler and attach the 4" side the MAS, tighten the ring clamp. 6. Install the shortram to the throttle body with a coupler provided in the kit. 8. Attach the 2" or 3" side of the plumbing coupler to the shortram pipe 9. Use one of the couplers provided, attach one end to the MAS adaptor and the other the CAI extension pipe. 10. You need to find a way to support the MAS from hanging, if not you run the risk of the CAI extension pipe falling off. I used a support bar from an 8G CAI. 11. Place the battery back in the car and use the longer tie downs to make sure its secured tightly. Make sure all ring clamps and fittings are tight. Suggestion: Use a metal MAS (Mass Airflow Sensor) adapter instead of a plastic one. This will prevent cracking and possibly losing your filter or piping. Pictures: cai12qr.jpg

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